Student Landlords

More and more student landlords are realising the importance of having an independent inventory carried out and supplying a detailed report with photographs to the students

It is generally seen as an expense that can be spared but often the realisation at the end of the tenancy is harsh. The days of landlords preparing their own inventories is becoming less as this is often a false economy. The property may have been occupied by as many as 8 or more students. The best way to protect both yourselves and the occupants is to obtain a detailed, independent inventory that clearly states the condition and cleanliness of the property at start of tenancy, making the check out far more straightforward and resulting in the responsibility for any damage/mis-use clear.

Remember, the Tenancy Deposit Service will want proof that it is the tenants who have caused the damage and/or are responsible for any cleaning issues within the property. An independent inventory is without doubt the way forward and the recommendation of the TDS.

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Having found your new home for the next few months and putting the excitement aside you need to deal with the boring stuff like protecting your deposit.

Although the Tenancy Deposit Service is out there to protect you it is strongly advised by the TDS to obtain an independent inventory which highlights the condition/cleanliness of the property you are moving into.

It could cost as little as £15 per student - a fraction of what it might cost you if it cannot be proved what condition the property was in when you moved in.

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